Sunday, June 26, 2011

So 4 days in on the McDougall MWL and things are going great. The eating plan has been mainly potatoes of all types prepared in any of the various fat free ways. Also tons of steamed veggies with teriyaki sauce or vegan queso. Exercise has been mainly brisk walking and light jogging, usually 3 miles or so/day. I have applied for a couple of diet tech jobs and in the mean time I am working more hours at the grocery store.

On a different subject, I want to share with anyone interested the list of podcasts I am currently really into. Natural living with Gary Null, Citizen Radio, Midwest Vegan podcast, and Our Hen House. Some older favorites that don't release new episodes as frequently are NZ Vegan, Abolitionist Approach, On Human Non-human Relations, Vegetarian Food for Thought, and Vegan/Vegetarian Solutions for a Sustainable Environment. These podcasts are what keep me going when I start feeling like the lone progressive in the land of right-wing good old boys. They are also where I get news on social issues and world government and politics from people I can trust.

Looking forward to sharing some interesting and useful information to this Blog :).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wow, it's been like three years since I last posted! Lots has happened in the meantime. I have just completed my Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition (BSN) degree complete with dietetic practicum. Unfortunately I did not get matched for an internship this past Spring so I will be applying again in 2012. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the process for becoming an RD (registered dietitian) you have to have a minimum of a BSN and have completed a CADE (Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education) accredited program in dietetics and also have completed a dietetic internship. The internship lasts anywhere form 9 months to more than two years depending on whether it is stand alone or in conjunction with a masters program. The cost for an internship varies widely and is generally in the thousands to tens of thousands. Most will require relocating for the length of the internship. All of this and the salary for an RD is generally around $30/hour. People who choose to follow this path are genuinely inspired to help others achieve/maintain health and wellness and avoid chronic disease. Needless to say the program has been intense. Did I forget to mention there is also a requirement for 300 hours of volunteer work? Anyhow I finally have some time to devote to my own health and school has left me with 10 pounds of stress chub to lose. My reduction program of choice is the McDougall diet because it is a whole food, plant based diet that does not require calorie restriction. I invite you all along for the ride :).