Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Update time! So I finally bit the bullet and got off caffeine! YAY!! It was sorta of a strange experience however with detox symptoms I had never heard of before. I had expected to have headaches and maybe some fatigue and/or crabiness but none of that happened. Instead I had this bone deep type of pain in my hips, lower back, and thighs. It lasted for 3 days and was so bad I was only able to sleep for a few minutes at a time during the night. I googled it and sure enough it is something a minority of people experience when they go off caffeine cold turkey. It might have gone on longer but as soon as I realized the cause I began making myself a cup of black tea right before bed and it relieved the pain entirely. I did this for a couple of days and then forgot to do it when we went camping but the pain has not returned. As a result I was also able to give up the high fat soy creamer I used in my coffee so my diet has definitely seen an improvement over the last few weeks :). I am drinking french press decaf espresso with almond milk and I am happy with it for now.

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